Independent Hip Hop artist ASH THE INSOMNIAC is one-to-watch, recently stepping out from behind the mixing board as a 21-year old producer to multiplatinum superstars to release his debut EP, To The Real Ones in February, 2018.

Originally born in Los Angeles, the 21-year old breakout star raised himself on rap music as a latchkey kid who relocated to Jacksonville, Florida. Ash didn’t see much of his parents as his Father, a busy entrepreneur, and his Mother, often lost to her battles with prescription drugs, weren’t particularly present emotionally or physically. Ash found his escape in teaching himself to DJ at the age of 13.

This family dynamic eventually led to divorce, and Ash quickly found himself on a destructive path of substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, and a forced stint of inpatient treatment. Ash also came in close contact with the reality of death in his freshman year of high school when a Spanish teacher retaliated on being terminated from his job by bringing an AK to school, killing the principal and shooting himself.

Fascinated by the lyrical vulnerability of artists like Kid Cudi, Ash turned to music to cope. The only medicine he found to quiet the turmoil in his mind was his love for writing poetry and hip hop lyrics. Ash truly believes it was the sonic therapy of music that saved him from suicide.

In 2015, Ash was discovered by the now infamous hip hop producer DETAIL (Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Wiz Kalifah). The first beats Ash ever played for DETAIL were quickly sent off to multi-platinum superstars French Montana and Beyonce, for possible inclusion on their upcoming projects. Of all the songs French Montana’s team listened to, they selected only two beats which Ash co-produced. One of those records, “Check Come,” was eventually released as a single. Shortly thereafter, Ash relocated to LA and moved in with DETAIL to produce material for other major artists. (French Montana, Future, Chris Brown, YG)

Ash has now begun work with music producer Trakmatik (Roc Nation, Jeezy), and is currently being mentored by Grammy-award winning songwriter, Elijah Blake (Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Trey Songz, Usher, Keyshia Cole).

Ash The Insomniac’s debut EP, To The Real Ones, garnered features in several major hip hop media outlets including Power 106, The Source, All Hip Hop, World Star, Hip Hop Weekly, The Hype Magazine, Hip Hop on Deck and Respect Mag.